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Alentta Abogados was founded in 2006 by lawyers José Juan Cortina and Leopoldo Gimeno, who until then held, respectively, the positions of managers of the commercial and tax areas of the Valencia office of one of the leading international business law firms, having until then more than ten years of experience in their respective areas of law practice.

Alentta Abogados has been conceived since its inception as a legal boutique (personalized and innovative legal solutions). Its constant growth and firm commitment, led us a few years later to incorporate lawyers with excellent training and proven experience, also from national or local law firms of first level. In this sense, Ignacio Bordera (commercial), Juan Carlos Cerdá (tax area) and Antonio García (procedural), who since 2017 are also partners of our firm, have joined our project. Zahira Moreno, is our director of the labor area since in 2019 we decided to internalize this practice area, in order to provide comprehensive advice to our clients.

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Etymologically speaking, Alentta takes its name from the verb alentar, encourage in spanish. Alentar means to influence someone to have courage or courage to undertake or endure something. Alentar, therefore, summarizes all those values, such as quality in work, commitment, trust, personalized treatment, closeness, respect, responsibility,... by which the professional relationship with any of our clients must be inexorably guided. In short, at Alentta Abogados we work to encourage your business projects (the face of business) or discourage setbacks (the cross of business), thus aspiring to the greatest prize or distinction that any law firm can receive, that is, the recognition of its clients.

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In Alentta Abogados we provide advice to individuals and entities of all kinds in terms of their legal form (corporations, cooperatives, associations, ...). This advice focuses, fundamentally, on commercial, tax, procedural and labor matters, relying on lawyers with a wide experience and proven specialization. Additionally, Alentta Abogados has regular collaborators of first level for administrative matters.

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Our clients are leading companies in their respective sectors of activity (food, construction, education, aesthetics, pharmaceuticals, logistics, chemicals, refrigeration, telecommunications, transportation,...) which, in most cases, operate throughout the national territory. Among our clients, we have non-resident individuals with economic interests in Spain, as well as Spanish subsidiaries of multinationals, having advised some of these multinational companies in their investments in Spain. We are also involved in the international commercial and/or investment expansion of our clients, using the law firm previously selected for each specific case in each country of destination. All this allows us to have a global vision of the economic environment and to be constantly enriched at a professional and human level.

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"Alentta takes its name from the verb alentar. Alentar means to influence someone to have courage or encouragement to undertake or endure a thing."

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