We offer advice aimed at finding solutions in acquisition processes and in the entry/exit of partners of a company or group of companies, allowing the achievement of the operation safely and with the lowest tax costs. To this end, we participate in the coordination and execution of all its phases, from the design of the investment/divestment structure, the due diligence process and the execution of the corporate operations.

We design the group's transfer pricing policy, and assist the management team in complying with the obligation to document related-party transactions, as well as in complying with obligations derived from exchange control and foreign investment regulations, in the case of multinational groups or groups with subsidiaries abroad. We improve the tax position of the company and its group, offering legal certainty and an optimal corporate and tax structure, both nationally and internationally, in restructuring processes.

We facilitate the generational succession of the family business, through the fiscal planning of the succession process and the drafting of agreements and protocols that regulate the operation and relationships within the business and family group.

Holders of large estates, when it is delocalized, require specific tax advice, based on a deep knowledge at national and international level of the different types of investments, as well as of the special tax regimes aimed at attracting this type of taxpayers. We offer them our experience in this area, with the purpose of helping them in the tax particularities that affect them.

We also advise on tax optimization in expatriations or impatriations, mainly of executives. It is important to plan the departure or arrival in Spain, since the application of certain tax regimes, exemptions, departure taxes, etc. depends on it.

We are committed to startups, offering them specialized advice that we adapt according to their development, sector of activity and financing needs. From the initial partner agreement to complex investment rounds with multiple investors, through incentive programs for employees and managers, our experience allows us to offer startups specialized and proactive advice, allowing them to obtain maximum tax benefits and develop their full potential.

We advise one of the main Fintech accelerators in the Valencian Community, and among our clients we have several venture capital firms, which allows us to know and combine the interests of startups and investors, offering comprehensive advice to both parties.

We advise numerous professional athletes (and their agents), mainly professional soccer players and coaches, in the fulfillment of their tax obligations in Spain or in any other country in the world, as well as well-known national and foreign soccer clubs. One of our partners is also a member of the Second Instance Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

Our experience working with local lawyers from other countries, and our knowledge of the national and international regulation of professional sports activities (financial fair play, UEFA/FIFA regulations), allows us to advise our clients in a comprehensive and secure manner, even if they change domicile during their professional career.

Our extensive knowledge of insolvency procedures allows us to provide specialized advice to companies in difficulties, applying the most current knowledge and procedures in insolvency prevention (refinancing agreements, transfer of production unit, bankruptcy pre-pack, express bankruptcy, etc.).

If the refinancing is not viable, or it is not possible to reach an agreement with the creditors, we have the best professionals to prepare and face an insolvency proceeding with the best guarantees to safeguard the interests of partners and administrators. Not in vain, our professionals have the necessary training and qualifications to be appointed as insolvency administrators.

We defend companies, as well as their partners and administrators, before the Tax Administration in all types of tax proceedings, whether administrative, economic-administrative, or before the Courts of Justice, up to the last instance.

We have a wide experience in this area, which allows us to design a better procedural strategy in order to obtain a satisfactory result, with regard to the estimation of our claims, the suspension of the enforceability of administrative acts, or the substitution of precautionary measures.

We offer our clients our extensive experience in administrative proceedings before the different public bodies. Our advice includes assistance and representation before the Labor and Social Security Inspection, as well as the representation and defense of the company before any judicial procedure related to matters in this area (disability, determination of contingencies, surcharge of benefits, work accidents, etc.).

Dispute Resolution

We offer alternatives to judicial proceedings, such as arbitration or mediation. In any case, we defend and claim the rights of our clients against contractual or extra-contractual breaches or conflicts between partners. If the amicable route is not sufficient, we initiate the most appropriate legal proceedings in each case up to the last instance.

Banking products

We review the formalized contracts, claiming against the banking entity for the contracting of complex or toxic financial products. We offer specialized and personalized advice, taking into account the particular circumstances of each client.

Patrimonial Responsibility

We look after the interests of our clients in order to obtain the highest possible compensation for any damaging event, either against the administration or against third parties with whom there is a contractual relationship. We also advise in cases of extra-contractual liability and procedures for claiming damages or defending against them.

Continuous support

We resolve queries of all kinds and provide ongoing support to managers and administrators, providing comprehensive advice. We assist and help companies to comply in a timely manner with their recurring obligations in their different areas of activity.

Knowing our clients and their business allows us to offer proactive advice, anticipating legislative changes and proposing the most appropriate solutions to the problems that become apparent. Our philosophy is to establish long-term relationships with our clients, based on mutual trust and satisfaction, adapting to their evolution and needs at all times.

Commercial contracts

We advise on the drafting, negotiation and review of all kinds of contracts, recommending the type and content that best suits the needs of the company. Our experience allows us to provide particular and specific advice for each situation, avoiding models and standard contracts. We take care to know and understand the activity and concerns of our clients, in order to offer them a personalized solution that duly protects their interests.


We advise companies on their day-to-day operations, assisting them in the drafting and execution of their corporate resolutions. We assume the secretarial duties in companies with a board of directors, and take care of all the necessary formalities, from the convening of the general meetings to the execution and registration of the resolutions in the Commercial Registry.

Tax obligations

We guide our clients in the day to day compliance with ordinary tax obligations, both of the company itself and its partners, with a proactive approach, in order to achieve tax savings, without aggressive approaches.

Labor obligations, risk prevention and social security.

We work closely with the human resources department of our clients, providing comprehensive advice on labor, social security and social security matters. We help the company's managers with the documents that affect the day-to-day work of the employees (leaves of absence, reductions in working hours, disabilities, among others), as well as with any claim for non-compliance with the regulations on occupational risk prevention.

We provide personalized advice on any type of incident (dismissals, sanctions, contradictory proceedings, etc.), as well as on any modification of working conditions, with special emphasis on collective bargaining, the implementation of internal action policies or specific plans (disability, teleworking, equality plans, workday registration, etc.).


We help companies to effectively develop a crime prevention program to avoid criminal liability. We coordinate with the company's executives and internal managers for the correct implementation and monitoring of the program.

Covid-19 Advice

We offer a comprehensive and multidisciplinary service to alleviate the circumstances arising from the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19, either by requesting extraordinary measures (moratoriums, rent reductions, etc.), or the study of claims against insurance companies or public administrations.


We regularly advise both manufacturers and distributors of vehicles and safety elements, which gives us a complete vision of the particularities of this sector, and a broad knowledge of the most common contractual typology. Regulatory aspects, industrial or intellectual property, competition, state aid, manufacturing and distribution contracts, taxation, etc., are issues on which we work with our clients on a recurring basis.

Alentta Abogados has extensive experience in advising national and multinational companies operating in the food sector. From operators in the fruit and vegetable sector to supermarket chains, as well as canning and HORECA machinery industries, our knowledge of the sector has earned us the trust of numerous leading companies in their activity.

Alentta Abogados has a multidisciplinary team highly prepared to advise our clients in this area. Whether in all types of transactions, or on a recurring basis in matters of tax, labor, commercial, regulatory, competition, litigation or environmental law. We have professionals who have participated in important transactions in the sector, including the sale of photovoltaic plants and the execution of energy efficiency projects. We have a complete vision of this sector, as we advise the different actors involved in it, both operators and financing entities, to which we also advise on the planning of their financing structures and, if necessary, investment.

We provide recurring advice to one of the main teaching cooperatives in the Valencian Community, with more than 40 years of experience and close to 4,000 students per year, which allows us to have an in-depth knowledge of the sector and its specific regulations. We also have experience in advising companies and institutions in the negotiation of collaboration agreements, as well as the development and implementation of specialized training programs.

We have extensive experience in regulated sectors such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare or biotechnology, which gives our services a high added value. We offer solutions to the most relevant legal issues in these sectors of activity, such as industrial or intellectual property, competition law or the optimization of tax benefits (R&D, patent box, etc.). Within the medical sector, we are particularly familiar with the particularities of aesthetic medicine, having among our clients a well-known chain of clinics.

We have been advising one of the country's leading fintech accelerators since its inception, and our clients include some of the most innovative startups at the forefront of their respective sectors. In this area, our advice includes specialized advice on contracts of particular complexity, in which the protection of intellectual and industrial property rights is of paramount importance. We assist startups in their investment processes, drafting the necessary agreements to protect the company's interests and achieve an appropriate balance with investors or strategic partners, including partner agreements, joint ventures and technology transfer agreements.

Since our inception, we have been advising large companies in the vehicle distribution sector, which allows us to have a broad knowledge of the sector and the different agents involved in the distribution chain. Our clients also include companies specialized in the development of software and hardware solutions for logistics, transport and navigation, with a wide national and international presence.

We have a team of professionals with in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in providing legal advice to companies in the industrial sector, including the chemical sector. We advise on a recurring basis the Spanish subsidiary of a company dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of chemical products for agriculture, with a worldwide presence and whose parent company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

In Alentta Abogados we advise entities related to the construction sector, among them, one of the leading companies in the tower crane sector in the Levante area, as well as renowned real estate development and construction companies. Our advice covers all issues related to this sector of activity, accompanying our clients in the successful and safe development of large and demanding public and private projects.

Among our clients, we have numerous franchisees of major restaurant chains worldwide, to whom we provide recurring advice on labor, commercial and tax matters.

Among other matters, and especially in these times of pandemic, we have advised our clients in the renegotiation of their contracts with franchisors, lessors and suppliers, reviewing and adapting them to the new current circumstances.

The extensive experience of our professionals allows us to provide comprehensive advice in this area. Whether from a tax, commercial, labor or arbitration/litigation perspective, we offer safe and efficient solutions to our clients, tailored to their particular needs. Thanks to our worldwide network of collaborators, we can offer such solutions in application of Spanish law or that of any other country. This is why we maintain long-term relationships with our clients, as we accompany them wherever they are.

We also provide highly qualified advice to sports entities (mainly sports corporations and soccer clubs) in those areas of law that affect them; in particular, in all matters relating to the negotiation and formalization of contracts with professional athletes, sponsorship, recurring advice on tax matters, tax planning for transfers, etc.

We advise renowned companies specialized in the manufacture and distribution of specialized and design furniture, which allows us to know in depth the needs and particularities of the sector, including production, supply and distribution contracts, as well as the necessary advice to carry out international transactions with absolute guarantees.

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