LEGAL Notice

1. In compliance with current legislation, we inform you that the portal www.alentta.com (hereinafter the “portal”) is the property of the Spanish mercantile company called Alentta ABOGADOS, a professional Limited company (hereinafter “Alentta”), With registered office in Valencia (Spain), in Avenida de las Corts Valencianas, n º 39, Attic floor, zip code 46015, with tax Identification Code (C.I.F.) Number B-97701502, duly registered in the Mercantile Registry of Valencia on the number sheet V-120368.
2. Alentta has as its sole purpose the common practice of the legal profession.
3. Alentta, therefore, is a professional society of lawyers registered as such in the register of professional companies of the illustrious Bar Association of Valencia with the number 181.
4. The professional rules applicable to the practice of the legal profession can be consulted, among others, on the Web page of the illustrious Bar Association of Valencia (www.icav.es) and the General Council of the Spanish Legal profession (www.abogacia.es).
5. You can contact us at the address indicated at the beginning or at the following e-mail: alentta@alentta.com (link sends e-mail).
6. The terms and conditions (hereinafter “terms and Conditions”) that are indicated below govern the access and use of the Portal. Within the expression Portal are understood, – but not limited to texts, graphics, images, animations, musical creations, videos, sounds, drawings, photographs, computer applications, databases, HTML code and other Works included in the same, and, in general, all creations expressed by any means or support, tangible or intangible, currently known or generated in the future, irrespective of whether they are susceptible or not intellectual property in accordance with the Regulations in force at any time.
7. You can also find out how we will deal with the personal data you provide if you consult our Privacy policy. 8. Access and use of the Portal is free. Alentta does not use additional charging telephone services. Any costs arising from the installation, telephone access or other expenses for connection to access to the Portal shall be borne solely by the user, as this term is defined below.
9. The mere access or use of the portal ascribes to the Navigator the condition of user (the “user”), which implies the adhesion to the same ones in the version published at the moment when the portal is accessed.

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